No one wants to recall when LIIMA-fucking-NARINA started, cos we're all too disappointed about not having become any bigger in such a God-awful long time. Talk about losers...

The name of this band was originally YHTEISKUNNALLISESTI PUHTAAT MUNAT, but someone said it wouldn't go down too well in America and in - where we wanted to make it in the first place - so it was quickly changed into NIKKI SIXX & LIIMAUSTYÖT (hence the Glueworks). As TARJA ANARCHY(now presumably living with either Jim Cärrey or Ändy Kåufman ünd speaking Double Dutch to a real double duchess) cleverly pointed out there already was a band with NIKKI SIXX in it, the name LIIMANARINA was thought up while flicking trough an interior decorating magazine stoned out of our skulls on nachos and soda (just like Great Cornholio's blues)at the time of her moving into a 24 bedroom castle with no windows, inherited from her Uncle Ernie.
After a couple of untimely deaths, several air crashes and a few other major catastrophes, the remaining members are:

The former drummer of KARRI MUINAISJÄÄNNE & KAHDEN MUFFINSSIN JÄNIKSET, who is ashemed about everthing this band does, but don't know why he has joined in and especially why he doesen't stop being part of it. Mayby he is satisfying his mother - with who he has lived his whole life - to do SOMETHING and be some time SOMEWHERE else. Or mayby he is too stuuupid to say no. Anyway his low-tech drum playing is teached by his jewish father, who was leader of famous rockabilly band CANDY CRÄMPS ÄND HOT PANTIES FROM LAPPLAND, which was the first and last finnish rock-a-billy band visited in Russia in the end of sixties. You can send one or two of you love poems to his e-mail adress

[WARNING! Everything you send here can/won't be used on these pages, no matter what you say, so think twice!!
Kaikki mitä tännepäin lähetetään, saatetaan julkaista näillä sivuilla ja LIIMIKSEN logiikalla: niitten jorinoita, jokka luulee saavansa sönkötyksensä näkyviin, tuskin laitetaan tänne.]

or visit his (or hers? We are not so sure about it, he never pull his pants down) robocoppages.

On bass we häve TUMI "Pumi Pusakka" RAEAESAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEANEN, the son-in-låw of the Olympic-winning ski jumper, probs best remembered fo the amazingly unpronouncable monicker åll over the non-Finnish speaking wörld (does thät mean, like, two or three countries - anyone?). He's the wörst kind of son, bringing shame to his great white sporting fämily. He is paid to keep his mouth shut about this "whåt we do is secret" type of bänd..

The latest äddition wås Kim "Mo Tucker" Nowkkarinen (joka ei oo niin perkeleen hullu, et luulis kapinoivansa ku Irwinille kantaa rahansa). He's about 108 now & that makes him the oldest one in the lot by a couple of years (the rest are between 14 and 21 these days). He only joined the bänd, so that he could pay alimony for his seventh son and fifth daughter with the second mother on the twelfth night in Georgia (the Russian one). Welfare department wouldn't give him no clothes.

And last and least, Mistah OLLI "damn-the-libidoes" PAUKE, who sez he's written all the LN snogs, tho he's prolly just stolen 'em from the brother that he never had (who wasn't exactly a Lenny Bruce), who was lost on a little trip to Uranus with a little help from my French amphetamine & Janis Joplin's pearls.
You might remember him from such films as "Reijo Pauke - laiska lakanoiden välissä (clean, hopeful & rich)", "You don't know how much I love myself" or
"I'll be waiting with a hardened dick".
When Ollie made the big mistake of trying to "live" in Belfarts, Norn Iron,
he was part of a band called BAD TOURIST (variably TERRORIST) & THE UNATTENDED BAGS. The name alone baffled both Taigs & Prods, and eventually Öllli "acting flash" copped out back to Max's Kansas City.
In Dallas, WC he found himself as a promoter for the TOP DULLARDS and he nearly fell off the floor, when he got vurry bored. After rovin' as a gambler,
Oly M. Pia Washington pulled a Kenny Blister = took the money and ran away.He went to school in Olympia in a fascist state, whereupon he learned to drink local microbrewery drafts like Courtney Lurve till he found a Hole to get sick in.
He now carries his Cross like Billy did in Tombstone, Arizona (no, he's not from Denmark).

LIIMANARINA has released (or more precisely, other people have released by them) three more or less shite EP's (hopefully deleted by now) and one LP, a flawed masterpiece in its own right. The EP's were originally titled "Rakkauslauluja eläinrääkkäykselle" (Love songs to the animals that are more equal than the others), "Sukupuolitaudit & uskonto (Veneral diseases & religion) and "Kuoliko Jeesus turhaan vai viäkö punk on hengissä?" (Did Jesus die in vain or is punk still alive?), but they were changed into their present forms by the National Censorship Board after threatening us with indefinite jail sentences. The album's working title was "Who's responsible for boring lives?" but God stopped it (probably cos He felt guilt).

LIIMANARINA is often accused of being seen live hardly ever in most places on this planet (maybe it's just one of those "blame the record combany or other people who've done fuck all for this band" things). Funny how we think we're on the road all of the time. Maybe it's just a completely different road from what everyone else means. Dunno.




stereonazina Olli Pauke mut ei ihan radio-hitlerinä

Liimanarina:Rouva Rytöhonka, teillä on mahtavaa juustoo!
David Allan Coe:I´m gonna hurt her on the radio
Patrik Fitzgerald:All these years of trying
The Jam: Thick as thieves
Au Pairs: Inconvenience
Ebba Grön: Die Mauer (live)
Caustic Resin: Taste
Dirt Fishermen: Sell your mother
Pere Ubu: Sentimental journey
Blind Melon: Dumptruck
Concrete Blonde: Rain
Uncle Tupelo: Life worth livin´
Bob Dylan: Where did Vincent Van Gogh?
Private School: Fuck you
Herco Pilots: N.Z. rec
2.3.: Where to now?
Bubbles & The Shit Rockers: Dear Santa Claus

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __


Ölli edesmennen Perttu Häkkisen radio-show'n vieraaksi/na

Dylan-valinnat ei tietenkään ollu mitään virallisia studio-äänityksiä vaan bootlegatut live-versiot seuraavista konserteista: 
- Hard rain (Lowell, MA Nov. 2, 1975) 
- One more cup of coffee (Toronto, Canada Oct. 12, 1978) 
- Where are you tonight? (Cleveland/Richfield, OH Nov. 20, 1978)

Perttu alkoi hieman hermostua Ollin enenevistä Dylan-valinnoista, Olli taas Häkkisen loputtomilta tuntuvista Liimanarina-soitoista, joista ei oltu etukäteen puhuttu mitään ja jotka söivät tehokasta peliaikaa Ollin omilta levyvalinnoilta (suora lähetys). Tiedossa oli ettei Perttu pahemmin arvostanut Dylania, mutta kuullessaan Bobin 78-vuoden ns. avioero-kiertueen live-taltiointeja, hän myönsi tunnistavansa tietynlaisia elämän kolhuja laulajan äänessä. Clevelandin lähistöllä sijainneella, nyttemmin puretulla Richfield Coliseumilla taltioidun biisin (jossa vahva kaiku paikan akustiikan johdosta) myötä hän intoutui kertomaan, kuinka Clevelandista ja sen suunnalta on aina tullut kaikkea "outoa ja vinksahtanutta" plus kommentoimaan alueen arkkitehtuuria ja kuntasuunnittelua. Kyseinen stadion on sittemmin muutettu luonnonpuistoksi, mikä kirvoitti lisää ulkomusiikillista keskustelua studiossa.


Ööliö kävi stereonatseilemassa & puhumassa ScheiBee Roll FM:n studiossa kesäkuussa 2017 Stupido Recordsin ja vannoutuneen HIFK:in & Millwa--eiku West Hamin kannattajan Joose Berglundin ja  Stupido Indie Picnicin järjestäjän Sirkku Haikosen kanssa
Muut soittivat ainaki tommoset (ei välttis tässä järjestyksessä):
Mara Balls: ?
Loose Prick: Kaupunkielämää
Specials: Do nothing (B-puolella olis ollu cover JONKUN Maggie's farmista, mut Joose vittuillakseen valitsi singlen A-puolen)
Freud Marx Engels & Jung: Sunnuntaiaamun kadut ("Niin kadutkin")
Liimanarina: Vertavuotavat sätkynuket # 12 & 35

Öllin valinnat:
Ebba Grön: We're only in it for the drugs No. 1
Bob Dylan: Neighborhood bully
The Clash: The sound of the sinners
Lee Clayton: Where is the justice?
George Jones: A drunk can't be a man
Gary Stewart: Ten years of this
Gary Stewart: Drinkin' thing
Björn Afzelius: Tankar vid 50

Litran luomu-punaviiniä & 8 gluteenitonta bissee (eli terveysjuomia) juotuaan Meiän Mies UNOHTI soittaa näitä:
Merle Haggard: Someone told my story in a song
Kääpä-Joe: Ikää tulee
Iida Umpikuja: mitä tahansa





Liimixen viimesimmän yllätyskeikan biisilista - "Look Ma, only covers!"


Olli trying to get to heaven, or erm... on the Pavement mainman Stephen Malkmus' list (he did get!).