MAAILMAN TYLSIN VITTUMAISUUS (The most boring fuck-up in the world)

The recording career of LIIMANARINA started going wrong before it had even begun. Ever since hearing the test pressing for the first time I've only wished this record would be buried at the bottom of the ocean. After the record company didn't want the studio versions of these songs to be released, we lost our initial interest in the whole project & no one really gave a shit what ended up on the record. some hindsight, those versions aren't much of a cop either, if u ask me (myself or Irene - or Daria cha-cha-cha Anarchy).

The very same versions were also remixed by the band themselves while making S*PERMARKET, for a possible inclusion on some ghetto-negro compilation on Drug Shitty Wreckords. Some of the original multi-tracks were erased and guitars + percussion added - along with the "obligatory" speed variations, of Coors, this being Liimis. The (les)bois & the byrds in Windy City didn't think they differed that much from the ålready released versions, so they were washed up & left for dead & are now gathering dust or Ron Moss in the record company vaults in some deep dark damp dirty prison or er...some dillweed-smelling dipshit-filled basement.

Silti kuolla Chicago sai. Moni joutui ruuaksi kalojen. Jäi äiti itkemään.

Aamulla ei ääntäkään, paitsi kello seinällä.

In 2012, in the wake of the release of Keskenmenobileet LP,
which compiled all 3 of Ellen's 7 inches together (along with a previously unreleased
studio version of Naapurin Pojat Puisine Lintuineen)
the track Piitles got unexpected fame, when one of Finland's internationally most acclaimed
author of mainly children's books, Mauri Kunnas, released a comic book with the title
spelt in Finnish exactly the same way as LN did twenty-three years ago today.

Such was the worldwide success that ensued, that the Russians even set up an illegal site for downloading
the said song with some Who references @


JUUTALAISET (Jews) [an ultra-rare Australian print was deliberately translated as "Jaws" to cash in on the ferkin' sharks eating a whole lotta Bruces & Sheilas on their sunny beaches at the time]

This record was fucked up, cos enough money wasn't available to finnish it in a satisfactory way. A lot of money was wasted by bringing someone who didn't understand anything about this band as a producer all the way from the arctic hinterlands of no-Funland. Also, a lot of valuable studio time was wasted with one Johnny Misty Mountain-Hop fawkin' eating all the time!

The title was meant to serve as some sort of a tribute to certain Jewish influences. A lot of things on our record sleeves & run-off grooves etc & many more in our songs are a tip-of-the-hat in one way or another to certain people we dig, so it'd be quite cheap just to spell them out or glue their pictures on the sleeves all the time.Right,tits??

LäNTINEN PORNOKATU 25 B 13 (Western Porn Street 26 C 14 in the U.K. and Oireland)

The intention behind the everpresent pornographical subject matter on this one was just to piss off anyone, who happenend to pay any attention to what was said on our records at a time when no one really seemed to give a toss, weather they were in the feminist-lesbian or macho-chauvinist Kämp. Any deeper motives are better left to my shrink or on Annukka Lehtimäen porn street in Pori or Pirkkala. Me, I don't even know what street Kanada is on..

An unused label by Kimi.

Spermarketin alkuperänen pressi-infolappu.


The whole point of the title was to pinpoint what a non-existent line there is between commercialism and prostitution today. Just take one letter off the name of the place, where everybody does their everyday shopping & it turns into something resembling a knocking shop. So, it's like "everything's for sale" in other words.

To make mothers seem more meaningful & complicated, someone even thought the boner's track on the CD was a "protest against modern technology" or something. In fact, it was cut down by seven minutes (cos The Man couldn't find a place, where the CD could have been pressed in its original entirety, we were told). By hindsight, I'd rather have left off some of the worst tracks instead - y'know, you don't know what you've missed!!(Now I hear laughter). What seemed at the time like the worst song of the set was put first, so that no one'd think right from the start, that they'd just laid their hands on a sehr gut record (even by our standards). Not to say, that the disappointment was to end most likely there...

The sleeves of the vinyl version were fucked by none other than the Dirg Sheety staff ("Never say anything good about your record company"). The back cover was meant to look like a proper raawk record back cover, but some dillweed dissected the pictures and the text pieces from one another, making it look dishevelled & amateurish - almost like a
fooken poonk record!

The English tränslations should never have been done either, if I could have been the uber-biaatch among these ladies of the night. [These things just don't translate - for fuckssakes!] They were pretty much done with Al Capone's gangztaz pointing a gun at Yours Truly. Would YOU have refused then and there?

Ass if there wasn't already enough injustice in that,a somewhat tacky Rad Vu-cum ad & logo were glued to the booklet and the back cover w/o consulting us, in a style only some subhumans/halber-mensch from beyond poronkusema know how to. I'll never look into the eyes of this CP again... the end!

With S*PERMARKET now having sold over 1,200 copies [in 1996 - come early 2008 the sales are said to be pushing 30,000+something] & stuff,

if someone thinks this is worth wrecking your mental health and making a fooking fool of yourself, he's wrong. Anyone is welcome to take my place in, this...joke that isn't very funny at all, any time! Think I'll go for a little lie down in a cool dark room now & maybe kill (or thrill) myself later on..."see ya - don't wanna be ya!"

FIRST I LOOK AT THE TITS cassette (released January 2011)

check for availability at either:

U.S. distribution by 80/81 Records

Ölli heitti taannoin lusikkansa kuvataiteilija Tuomo Tuovisen soppaan taidenäyttelyssä Töölöösessä Spoonshiners- ja Cockpits-yhtyeiden heebojen kanssa coveroimalla pari itte suomentamaansa Dylan-biisiä ja jotain Liimistäkin heittivät. Tilaisuutta varten Tamla Homotown-yhtiö teetti erittäin rajoitetun painoksen CD-versiota First I Look At The Titsistä bonus-biiseillä. Lainattavissa ainakin Espoon ja Tampereen kirjastojen kokoelmista.

On the 23rd anniversary of Dylan's first ever concert in "Fun"land,
which coincided with the miscellaneous birthday of a (once) lovely young lady, who lives close to that very venue but hates Blonde On Blonde, Liimanarina threw their first gig "since Dublin, June 16, 1904" (if their own mem'ry serves them well) at a poonk rawk joint known as LePiss, only a mile or two away from the said Dylan's venue in Hellsinki. Now available on vinyl only by Temmi Kongi:

A summer 2014 t-shirt
(20 were printed)